"Just have to let you know everyone was oohing and awing the breakfast today. The bacon and French toast were the big hit. Another Awesome job, and I can’t thank you enough!"

Yum Yum Pittsburgh Food Blog

"The staff is friendly. Bob was there. He was going around saying hello to customers and helping clear tables. A very nice guy!"

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I'm in love with Bob's Diner

My name is William... and I'm in love with Bob's Diner. When King's Family Restaurants were sold, remodeled, and subsequently ruined for lack of direction, I was heartbroken. But your Castle Shannon location was there for me... The retro feel... the happy music... the diner and casual environment. Not sterile and posh like these new New Jersey-type diners popping up.... Perfectly priced... Wonderful variety without being overwhelming... It's hard to capture it all.... But, you know, I can't think of a time where I've had subpar, let alone bad, service at any Bob's.  It was nice to see old faces of Maria and Sylvia working at your establishments... and shows the discerning and intelligent choice of staffing.


Thank you

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for providing lunch to our 5 school districts in the Alle-Kiski Arts Consortium. You and your staff for extremely kind and on top of everything and everyone of the teachers in our group were so impressed. I know high school students can be a terrible crowd to serve but we are all very thankful and the food was awesome. Let me know if there were any issues that I can address and next time I'm in Carnegie, I will definitely be stopping.

Thanks again,

Kathleen Guglielmi
Art and Art History
Saint Joseph High School




Bob, I met you this morning when my cousin and I were having breakfast (you told me your raised the darn pigs for the bacon). I did just go on Facebook and give you a good review and 5 stars. Just wanted to share that the Greek Omelet was fantastic, the home fries beyond tasty, and as I mentioned this moring, the bacon was fabulous. Our waitress was excellent and meeting you was a treat. We will be back!

Lauri Fink

More Than Just Good Food and Great Staff

We have been enjoying Bob's since it first opened in Carnegie. The location on Painter's Run Road is VERY close to us but we were leery about trying it. Much to our happy surprise, we found out it was JUST AS EXCELLENT!! But, Bob's came to mean a lot more to us than just great food at a decent price prepared and served by terrific threatening illnesses hit my husband and I both. We were in 2 different Pittsburgh hospitals and rehabs for most of the year. During that time, our kids were able to get great wholesome meals quickly and once I was off life support and my husband could eat, they brought us WONDERFUL BOB'S TAKEOUTS to help us get better. The good news is we are both recovering and we owe it all to 'DR. BOB'S DINER & STAFF"!!! I am learning to walk again and can now walk in and just enjoy my meal there. When you dear folks come to work in the morning, you may think you are just 'doing your job' but you are doing SO MUCH MORE than are touching peoples lives - sometimes like ours in the worst of times - and taking care of them with graciousness and comfort.


Sincerely and Lovingly,

Antoinette Jucha

Review from Urban Spoon user Janet K

"This is a great little diner! The breakfasts are delicious and well made!! Went there also for lunch...the home made chicken salad croissant was incredible!! Very nice, friendly employees...just a nice place to go and feel at home, comfortable good place. Our family is a Saturday morning regular bunch, although I don't get to go as often as the hubby, it's wonderful!!"

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Review from Urban Spoon user Wendy

"Pancakes and sausage are out of this world. I love to go to Bob's and sit at the counter so I can hassle Terrence and Mary and the others while reading the paper. Bob accommodated 20 of my friends for a birthday party in February, and the comments were all positive. Bob and his staff helped us have a fantastic time. The Reuben, the burgers, the corned beef hash (fantastic) all good. You'll always have a good time, friendly service, and uncomparable food at Bob's!"

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Review from Urban Spoon user Foodie

"Love, love, love this place! Feels like you are visiting old friends as soon as you walk in. Doesn,t stop there either food is cooked to order, large portions, and and tastes like grandma made it. All the qualities of a great Diner. Keep it up Bob, This one's a Winner."

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Review from Urban Spoon user Matt Sinopoli

"Great diner atmosphere, friendly staff and really good food too. We got breakfast and both enjoyed it a lot. The eggs, bacon and sausage were all very good although the homefries were a little under-seasoned. Still I was impressed that they used red potatoes and prepared them a little different that I am used to getting at other breakfast places. I just wish they had used more seasoning on them. We also got a pancake to share and it was delicious. One of the best pancakes I've ever tasted.

Bob's Diner just opened up in Imperial so I strongly suggest everyone who lives in the area go out and support them. They're right across the street from the local chain restaurant Kings, which serves similar, diner-like food (although in a much less authentic diner setting) so I'm sure they could use all the help they can get. Also it doesn't hurt that the food is great so they really do deserve the support of the community. I know I'll definitely be back to try their lunch items soon!"

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Review from Urban Spoon user Cheery Springs

"I ate at Bob's Diner this afternoon, which newly opened in July. The Diner is located on West Allegheny Rd. just off the Rt. 22 /30 exit. in the western suburbs of Pittsburgh.

I sat at the counter as the booths and tables were mostly filled with the lunch crowd. As I sat watching the cooks, I couldn't help to remember my days as a cook myself when quality meant everything. Who ever Bob was, he had it, "The Mojo". Watching the cooks from 3-6 feet away I could see that this cooking crew did not come together by accident, nor the decor or the rest of the staff. Courtesy and smiles came from everyone. The atmosphere was lite and bright, orange, whites , blues. The food prepared by the cooks looked excellent, as was the Open face Tuna Melt on English Muffin that I had for lunch. I am a picky person, I should have been a critic, good or bad. I truly appreciate fast service and good food, so when i seen what Bob had here, I felt I had to write to let people know. Try it, I am sure you will agree, the chemistry Bob has could eaisly turn this model into a national Diner chain if he wanted. Chris Oakdale, Pa"

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Great Breakfast and Lunch in a real diner setting

"This place really has all the foods you think of when you think diner. My favorite meal is breakfast, which you can get all the time, and I really love the blueberry pancakes. They are as big as the bright dinner plate they are served on. My teenage son's favorite is the breakfast burrito, everything for breakfast scrambled and rolled into a tortilla shell with cheese and salsa on top. Service is friendly, and busy. Usually don't have to wait too long for a table, but everything's made to order, so it can take a little time, but it's great and fresh when you get it. Lunch has things like meatloaf and ham bar-b-q."

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